It’s quite simple really. Here’s how it works!

findit is a fun photo sharing game with a difference.

It’s guaranteed to connect, challenge and engage!

Just like ‘I spy with my little eye’, findit is a turn-based game between two players.
Simply pick any object in your photo.
Then sendit to your opponent and challenge them to findit!

Download now for free.
Play with friends and family, or challenge new players around the world.

Play it as...

The challenger.

Outwit your friends… they deserve it!
Make each game as hard as you want.
It’s entirely up to you.

The finder.

How sharp are you?
Think you have what it takes?
Bring it on.

Photo sharing, but fun.

I spy with my little eye in a photo. It's
as simple as that! Share a photo with
a friend. Nominate an object in the photo. Then challenge your friend to
find it! Big, small, hard or easy... it's
up to you.

Social network, but fun.

Connect with friends. Connect
with family. Connect with new
players around the world.
Because next to music, pictures
are the universal language. A
picture says a thousands words,
but are you sharp enough to find
that one special word?

Brain training, but fun.

Sharpen your brain - or someone else's. The more you focus in on detail, the more you work the old grey matter. The more you work the old grey matter, the sharper it gets. There are no two ways about it.